American students' life in Florence: Take A Sip, Meet a Friend, Make a Memory

Beers, Buddies, and Bars. The nightlife is unstoppable any night of the week. If you are looking for a good time, to meet people, or to sing your heart out at karaoke this is the city for you. The diversity of people, drinks, and bars is sure to keep your heart racing and the temperature rising through this brisk fall/winter. Everyone needs a break, whether it is from a week of hell at work, final exams, to get away from the house, or just to escape. Florence offers you that island of serenity on its tiny streets little nooks, and secluded places of peace…it’s bars. After your weekend why not wonder in to Yap, on Mondays. You are sure to burn some cash, but with a view of the most phenomenal people in Florence who can put a price on that? The air is cool although the room is crowded, it must be the people, sit down and order a Mojito, this is a Monday you are sure to never forger. Beer Pong Tuesdays at Red Garter, what could be better, college students line the bar, and the fifteen or so tables that are set up for the B.P. (beer pong) tournament. If you are looking for great fun, a young atmosphere, and beer spills on your shoes, this is the place for you. Laughs abound from the walls, while students and the occasional Italian cheer the last cup. Try the tournament with a cheap champagne, it makes it all that more interesting. Wicked Wednesdays, where else to go but Faces. All you can drink seven nights a week from 10-12 for ten euro. You will not find a better deal in town, although every night's a party, Wednesdays become the pinnacle of the entire week. Get to know the good looking bartenders, dance until dawn, and please buy yourself as many bottles, drinks, and shots you want…. it’s ten euro…go crazy. Thirsty Thursdays should definitely be spent at Lions Fountain. The best Irish bar in town with beer that taste like heaven and a membership card that’s actually free. The bartenders are sweethearts and the atmosphere is welcoming with its mahogany tables and cheery crowd. Walking in brings on an immediate sense of ease and comfort. It may the beer, the smiles, or the friends, but this place truly feels like home. On Frisky Fridays you shouldn’t miss out on Moyo with a late night at Lochness. Moyo is chic and trendy, you feel good about yourself just being there. The drinks are steep but strong. The people are confident but welcoming. Later, head to Lochness around the corner for some fabulous drinks underground with some crazy people, it’s an experience unlike any other. Saturated Saturdays should definitely start with our “home away from home” bar, Shot Café. Its tiny space forces you to talk to other around you, but ordering a buttery nipple does make as an interesting conversation starter. Shots are cheap and it’s centrally located. Bring all your friends, and tell them drinks are on you, trust me you can afford it. Head to Rex Café later, great places to sit, and free peanuts…who needs more late night? Drinks are good and the people are better. Why not round out the week with a “Subdued Sunday” for pre-game at Open Bar? The best place for a drink in all of Florence, while waiting you get a champagne, and can feest your eyes are their gorgeous staff. They have a huge cocktail menu and will never let you “drink on an empty stomach” aka free cheese and pizza. It’s chic yet fun, private yet open to all. Your sure to leavr with a smile on your face and a terrific buzz. If your up for it head to Slowly for more amazing food with yoru drinks. Be sure to sit on the upper level and get a view of all the people that walk in. Totally the place to see and be seen, look good, smile big, and sigh you’ve made it through another week in Florence, and a hell of a week it was.

Redazione Nove da Firenze