Tuscany International Jazz Summer School & Arts Festival

An intuitive approach to making music and the opportunity to enjoy the experience of life in Certaldo, the heart of the Tuscany (21 to 26 August 2006) to offer high quality, inspiring tuition for instrumentalists and vocalists from all backgrounds. A very full and varied programme of events is available to participants. The feedback we received after last years seminar was that participants wanted a longer course with a quiet day in the middle of the week. This year we have extended the course by a day and arranged that Thursday afternoon be left free. There will be the opportunity to arrange private lessons for those who want them. This should be done between the participant and the teacher.

Concerts every night at 9.00pm at the Palazzo Pretorio or the Garden at the House of Bocaccio. Jam sessions from 10.30pm - 1.00am venue tbc + spontaneous concerts at different locations during the seminarInformal and spontaneous events are encouraged. In addition to the daily timetable and there is a programme of concerts throughout the duration of the seminar. There are plenty of opportunities to play and listen at the course Jazz Club.
The Seminar culminates with a final concert in which the students and teachers participate.
Every GMF workshop features outstanding musicians who are also great communicators. Under their guidance, participants gain valuable insights and playing experience, rehearsing together towards a concert. There are classes in the various musical disciplines such as instrumental technique, harmony, ensemble playing and improvisation, and, as well as teaching individually and in groups, the tutors give performances themselves.
In addition, a unique sequence of activities is offered at a GMF workshop, which together stimulate self-awareness and creativity.

Alexander Technique - by Val Keogh
Many performing artists find the Technique an invaluable way of fine-tuning their posture and movement. These introductory classes concentrate on the relationship of the head and neck to the rest of the body. The physical and mental exercises help promote a sense of rediscovery and ease in day-to-day activities, and especially in music-making.

Pulse Training - by Stephen Keogh
Pulse lies at the heart of music, and developing one’s own inner pulse is the goal of these sessions. The work fosters awareness – of the pulse, of silence, of the other members of the group. This workshop is hugely beneficial to musicians of every kind.

World Music Ear Training- by Greg Burk
Musical traditions from around the world provide the material for this workshop. Participants learn to connect the voice to the body, singing melodies and rhythms while playing patterns with the hands – and feet! In a group, the layering of parts energizes each musician bringing about greater awareness in collective music making.

Situated between Florence and Siena, and facing San Gimignano, Certaldo Alto stands on a hill-top in the heart of the Elsa valley. In this enchanting village, history and traditions run deep: the author of "Decameron", Giovanni Boccaccio, lived here.
The lanes and squares, dominated by the 12th century Palazzo Pretorio; the romanesque architecture; the 13th century paintings - all this makes an ideal setting for the arts and cultural events. The welcoming people of Certaldo, the convivial cuisine and the beautiful local crafts will all contribute to a delightful stay in Tuscany.

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